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Chongqing general machinery industry vow of not repeating them

2017-01-25 11:35:21

    "Cannibalism" once let Chongqing enterprises in the domestic and foreign market friction suffered terribly, this situation will not be repeated through the body in Chongqing? Yesterday, the long-awaited Chongqing machine industry association was formally established, participants vowed to business alliances, co management, and promote the overall development of the industry in Chongqing through the orderly.

     In recent years, the city through the host machine production and supporting enterprises to a surge in the number has reached about 100, not only Honda, B & s two international machine "giant" has to invest in Chongqing, more Zong Shen, Lifan, LONCIN and other host plant a large number of well-known, and Chongqing river pressure casting, Changjiang Bearing etc. considerable strength of the components supporting enterprises, production capacity, production doubled every year. Last year, the city produced a total of 640 thousand units, this year's production is expected to be more than 1 million units. The next 2 years, only the aforementioned production capacity of the host plant will be more than 5 million -600 in more than 5 units. From the beginning of this year, foreign economic and Trade Commission in cooperation with the Municipal Economic Commission and other departments, to mobilize the local machine enterprises to set up industry associations, corporate self-regulation, industry prosperity, protect local machine production, sales and export order. This vision has also been a positive response to the enterprise. City Association, said the person in charge of the machine, will coordinate the foreign enterprises, to jointly build the overall image of Chongqing tong. Source: 2016 global mechanical network

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