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Cultivation of talents

"All rivers run into sea, tolerance is a virtue", the Human resource is the core competitive power during building the company. Lonzo based on the spirit of people first, introduced many talent people, respect people. every employee have opportunity to promote self in company, and realize the value of self and success dream, welcome capable people to join in our group.

Employment ideality

The employee could adapt the development of the company, believe the culture of company, wish to grow up with company together and creat excellent contribution.

Are you a excellent person?

   With good vocational ability, believe the core value of company, this is the precious treasure and a solid stone for long term continuely developing. Choice is a responsibility, we warmly look forward to cooperate with the person who have spirit of developing, team spirit, responsibilty and power of execution. Lonzo will provide infinite space for realizing your dream! Lonzo recruit the employee based on" both the ability and morality, morality is first".

If you will grow up with Lonzo together?

The main responsibility of every management in Lonzo is to cultivate the new employee, first setting an example is a management's basic behavior.

Good material should be used in the blade

The policy of using talent people in Lonzo is  "the people should be suitable for its position, people have their position, people post matching and common development". 

The responsibility is more important than ability

Lonzo pay more attention to give the expression of self value, provide the power for talent person have challenging work aim and wide developing space, company keep good communication way with employee, employee have the right to show own's opinion or suggestion to direct leader, whatever you are insufficient, only you believe Lonzo, and you will not easy to leave during difficulty, we have the confidence to give you a suitable career. 


Talent people is a basis of company development and competitiveness. Lonzo regard the talent people as first source.

To improve the company management level  and cultivate the quality people constantly, promote the development for company and employee.let the employee share the achievement of the company, realizing the mutual development, creat a powerful Lonzo together!