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Employee's benefit

   In order to enhance employee's sence of belonging, to reflect our factory core value, to improve the culture of our company, according to our company real station, every employee could enjoy the regular benefit, the benefit is an important part in our company salary system, the employee have the right to enjoy the benefit, but if the employee give up the benefit in own's mind, the company will not give any money or other ways for compensation.

Social insurance:

   Company have the pension, medical and industrial injury insurance treatment. every one signed labor contract with company and to be a formal employee, everyone could enjoy these benefits from the second working month,it should be submitted by self, the account department will deduct the insurance among the salary which beared by self part.

Accommodation, meals and the bonus for water and electricity:

   Every employee could enjoy the water and electricity for free, everyone should pay 2 yuan per meal for lunch and supper.

 The bonus for transportation:

  Accoring to the live location of employee, company provid the transportaion cars for free. 


  Every employee could enjoy the public holiday.


  Generally,  every employee have the opportunity to attend the activity regularly or irregularly every year, for example,  every employee have the opportunity to attend the big celebration party in company or big celebration party from goverment.